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Why do people get butthurt about toys?

NOTE: Earlier today, I saw a post on MFC about how some entries end up in particularly heated arguments.  The following is my response to that post.  I think this is a deeper question about how we approach our hobby, so I decided to share my thoughts on this matter here.

I think there’s a simple process to this. Let’s say I buy a thing, and you remark that you don’t like the thing I bought. How you word your criticism doesn’t matter; it doesn’t even matter that it’s not directed at me. It just needs to come across clearly that, for some reason, you don’t personally like/approve of what I bought.

Most people have some sort of ego, and they want to feel good about the decisions they make, so they can be happy and fulfilled (for a bunch of reasons I won’t get into here). You criticising something I purchased, then, indirectly criticise my purchasing decision, and, through that, my ability to make good decisions in general. That infringes on my ability to (delusionally) feel good about my purchase, and thus feel good about my decisions and be happy.

This is the same reason why attacking—or, in some cases, even just commenting on—someone’s personal decisions has the capacity to kick up huge shitstorms. Most people want to be happy, and, to do that, they defend their egos. In general, you’re more likely to see bigger, more aggressive reactions from people with more fragile egos. This is especially true for people who particularly pride themselves in their hobby.

For our hobby like figure collecting, then, the matter of maturity doesn’t lie in the nature of the hobby itself. The maturity of a collector has more to do with which franchises s/he collects from than how much money s/he spends on actual purchases. There’s definitely some correlation between collectors’ personalities and the target demographics of the works they follow. I won’t name any names, but, given what I’ve seen on the internet, some followings definitely have a bigger share of man-children than others do.

Just keep in mind that the maturity of a work relates to the maturity of its audience and, therefore, the maturity of the people that buy its things. Use this rule to decide where you can be more liberal with your opinions and where you should keep to yourself—lest you hurt someone’s feelings.

Spoils from Japan!

Hey guys!  I’ve been quiet again lately, but there’s a good reason for that.  You see, my spring break was last week, so my girlfriend and I went to Japan!  We didn’t have much time on our hands, so we just stayed in the Tokyo area, but we had a really great time seeing all the sights and sounds.  This is a toy blog, however, so that’s what we’re all here for, right?


I’m huge fan of Line Friends, did you know?  (All the characters are so adorable!)  The Brown and Cony pillows on the left we found at the TV Tokyo booth at Anime Japan.  The Cony on the right is actually a bag, and I spent something like ¥2400 trying to win it from a UFO catcher…


Here’s all the big stuff!  I’m really glad to find the Valkyries and the Binaltechs, but, surprisingly, MG Turn A was the hardest one to catch; I didn’t see it anywhere until our very last day.  The two Vocaloid totes are from the recent Family Mart lottery campaign.  I was really tempted to buy tickets (¥800 each) and try pulling them, but I managed to find both of them at Nakano Mandarake!

And that’s pretty much it, aside from the gatchapons and accessories.  I have some pictures of our trip in this album.  My girlfriend took a lot more pictures, but she’s still in the process of uploading all of them, so I might post an update when that’s all done.  She has all of our Anime Japan photos!  (Because I was a huge idiot and left my camera at the hotel.)

If you have any questions about the stuff in the pictures or anything else, feel free to let me know!


It’s been a while, but I have some exciting updates: first new gunpla of the new year!

Yesterday, I met up with my friend, who picked up the Zaku F2000 for me while he was in Taiwan for the holidays!  The big Tieren and GN-XIII arrived today from Mandarake.  I’ve looked for all three of these kits for a very long time, and I’m really glad to have finally received them!

Of course, while I was out today, I picked up three of these!  This just came out yesterday, and I’m really excited to see how it plays.  The big thing, though, is this.

You may remember that I ordered this from Tatsu Hobby a good while ago.  I finally got some time last weekend to pick up this up from their warehouse!  I haven’t had a chance to pop it open yet, but I might do a video for this one?

masterdust asked: I still need to get my Gundam Wing Robot Damashii collection, myself. Just got the Unicorn Gundam [Destroy Mode] even though I wanted to get Wing Gundam Zero [TV Ver] first.

Full-Action Unicorn, I’m guessing?  That’s a great figure!

My girlfriend and her friend dragged me into Anthropologie, and I did this with their letter decorations.

My girlfriend and her friend dragged me into Anthropologie, and I did this with their letter decorations.

HG AGE-2N Gundam AGE-2 Normal customise by SeRa

amphybox asked: Are you following Gunpla Build Fighters? I know it's basically Gundam themed Yu-Gi-Oh, but that Victory Fundamental scene...

I am!  And I’m really loving it.  I haven’t bought any of the kits yet, because I’m holding off until all of them are released to pick my favorites, but the designs all look pretty cool.  I didn’t expect the characters to be so likeable, too!


Happy new year, everyone!  I hope you all had a fun and safe holiday.  I had a really great time, but, on my way home, my card box was destroyed in luggage handling.  I needed a new box for my cards, and I found this!

This cloth box came from Joann’s.  I’m not too sure what the actual structure, though, probably some sort of reinforced cardboard.  It feels durable enough, in any case, and it can fit a lot!

That’s the box with all of my stuff inside it.  There’s enough space in there to fit six columns of un-sleeved mini size cards, with enough space for dividers between the columns.  There’s also enough room above the cards to fit some of the smaller deck boxes or store some play mats.

The RRP is $30, which is a bit pricey, but I found mine for about $17 on sale.  It’s definitely worth that much for its size and build quality.  The slightly smaller size of this box is pretty great too; it’s a bit cheaper, and it fits five columns of cards, instead of six.  If you’re looking for a good storage solution for your cards, this is not a bad choice!


Happy holidays, everyone!  I’ve been very busy lately, much like many of you, so I haven’t had much time to be online.  It feels fantastic that school is over for now, and it’s great to be able to sleep again.  I don’t have much new on the gunpla front, but, as you all know, MG Sazabi Ver. Ka was just released, and lots of people are getting their hands on it for reviews!  (Most importantly, Dalong’s review is finally up!)

I took a quick look through it this morning, and I’m quite impressed!  I believe 122 is the highest score he has ever awarded anything.  I’m a bit thrown off by the ball-joint hips, because Bandai hasn’t put that on anything in years.  I don’t believe it’s a mistake on Bandai’s part, since this is such a huge (hur hur hur) release, so there’s probably some structural or stability reason for it.

I wasn’t a terribly big fan of Sazabi’s design before, but I like the detail proportions of the new MG a lot.  I think I’ll pick one up eventually, maybe when the inevitable Titanium Colors version comes out.  (And won’t that red be glorious in that metallic sheen?)  My question now is should I get a Titanium Nu to match?


These two came in the mail today: BTF Caletvwlch for MG Gundam Astray Red Frame, and BTF G-Defenser + Flying Armor for RG Gundam Mk-II!

The Caletvwlch set actually includes two swords, and a light-up display stand for the two swords or the two katanas in the MG.  The G-Defenser + Flying Armor set actually came with a lot more plastic than I expected.  Considering that Bandai’s set had around 7 plates, BTF’s packs 11!

There isn’t much I can do with these now, unfortunately, since all of my kits are back home, but I’ll unbox them properly soon enough.  You can find these kits all over eBay, but I ordered mine from Samuel Decal.  His shipping is pretty fast and he packed both kits really well.

I also started playing Yu-Gi-Oh! recently.  This is my deck right now, and it plays really badly—very inconsistent—but I will fix it!  If any of you play as well, drop me a message!  I think I can probably use some tips…

Anyway, until next week!

aparanoidbarnowl asked: So would you say Hobby Zone has better pricing for shipping as well?

There’s not much of a difference.  They’ll pack your things just as well as anyone else will, and they bill you the actual shipping fee, once you’ve already paid for your items.  I guess that makes shopping around on Rakuten pretty easy!  In my experience, their shipping fees compare pretty well with fees from AmiAmi and Mandarake, too.


While I was gone, my order from Rakuten’s free shipping campaign arrived!  Unfortunately, being a bit of an idiot, I had these sent to my apartment, instead of back home, so it seems like I’ll have more stuff to haul back come winter break in a few weeks. :c

Aside from presents I bought for friends and family, I bought these five kits for myself!  The eagle-eyed among you may notice that I already reviewed GN-X and Loto, but I got rid of those when I downsized my collection some time ago.  I guess that was a mistake, but it’s nice having a fresh start on these fantastic kits!

I also bought this steel mug for myself.  I really the ECOAS logo—it looks really crisp—but I really bought this for the other side.


Everything in this order came from Hobby Zone.  Of all the retailers on Rakuten, they seem to have the best price and selection on gunpla.  The shipping would’ve been quite pricey without the campaign discount, but be sure to keep your eye on them when another campaign rolls around!


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the States!  This week’s entry is two days late, because these last couple of days have been really hectic.  I’ll be moving out in a few months, so, in preparation for that, I hauled my gunpla back home.


Here’s all of my gunpla on my floor before I packed them up.  There’s something like seventy kits in this pile.


The night before we drove up, I packed my trunk to the brim.  I was a little bit worried at this point, because this was only about half of all the kits I have.


But that’s okay!  The morning right before we left, I somehow managed to squeeze the rest into the back; the seat on the left side was still open to hold all of our luggage.


Once we got back, I rearranged the shelves in my old work room, and packed my gunpla back in.  There’s still a pretty cosy little work area beneath the shelves you see here!

And that’s what I’ve been up to!  I’ve also been catching up with some friends, showing my girlfriend around my hometown, and shopping for some Christmas presents.  Please excuse my phone pics this time around… I’ll be back again next week!